Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


So let's be realistic, the frequency at which this blog gets updated has slowly crept down to about once a month.  Facebook is the best way to see photos so hit me up on that!.  We went to Denver last week to visit Melissa's family.  The kids did great on the plane.  

We found snow in August in the mountains!

During the first part of the week there were plenty of cousins to play with.  It thinned out by the end of the week.  

We took a tour of the stadium where the Broncos play.  Grandpa Hall took Kristen to a kids museum while we did this.  Thanks Grandpa!

Garden of the Gods

Melissa taught Nathan how to play chess.  He seems to get the basic concept.  

Uncle George got his moose back from the taxidermy place!

At the end of the week I think Kristen had had enough.  This was her waiting for the last bus at the airport in Raleigh.